To Dublin!

20160613_203712Now, let’s pretend you sat down on the fast forward button and now I’m in Dublin.

(insert fast forward sounds)

I have never been to a such a beautiful place, where everyone looks happy,  with such lovely sights, people laughing with joy and things I want to buy. Man, I love IKEA. Gotcha. But seriously, Dublin is nice, expensive, like my wallet already knows it is going to hurt, but my heart is happy.

After IKEA, it is time to  see the place I will be living in for the next two months. I have no idea where it is, who the lady I am living with is, or what kind of atmosphere I’ll be in. I am only slightly freaked out, but acting as cool as a cucumber. Needless to say, Jan is great and as soon as My Aunt and I knock on the door, she had the kettle going and was offering us a nice warm cup of tea (two months was going to fly).

Now this was all happening Monday the 7th, which in Ireland is a Bank Holiday (for you Americas, a bank holiday is just a day off because the Irish rule), and the next day is my first day of work. Cue the panic music please! I spent the night picking out the right outfit, painting my nails, and figuring out how the hell I’m going to make it across town and not be late on my first day. Yes, I’m freaking out.

I didn’t sleep well, on no, I slept like a baby with a ear infection (that’s bad), but I managed to wake up at 6:00 am to get read for a bus at 7:20! I thought I needed that much time, I’ve since learned. Anyways, I was going to work with Lisa, who works with my Aunt at the Redwood&Co, so I could find my way to work (and not get lost in Dublin). Let me tell you 7:20 is very early and I don’t like mornings. In fact, I hate them. I think the morning should start at 11 and I shouldn’t have to wake up at least 10, but no one asked me.

We got to the GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre) around 8, and I wasn’t meeting my boss till 10… Yeah, I’m that person (blame my father). It was fine though I got to meet a few people while I waited, and calm my nerves. I spent the next few hours planning ADPi recruitment entertainment (for those of you who don’t understand this, just know ADPi is a sorority and we are not what you see in movies). As the clock started clicking away, my nerves calmed, then shot back up as I walked to reception to meet my doom.

Sitting at reception was Linda. God help me.

A few things I wish I knew about Linda then that I know now. 1. She HATES working reception. 2. If she is working reception, say a prayer and hold on tight. 3. Her humor, is like mine, so keep up and only take about 30% of what she say seriously (I love you Linda).

Basically, I remember nothing from that day. I didn’t even take ‘First Day of Work in Ireland’ picture for my mother, which she was kind to forgive me for. I remember walking in, shaking a lot of hands, talking to people and leaving. I walked home from work, which is about a 5K walk, I made it 6K because I was lost for a large part of the walk, but it was worth my adventure!

And so marks the beginning of my marathon at the GEC.


Now, Explore.

Day two.

Kathryn wake up and get in a car for two hours after sitting in a plane for 12. Please and Thank you.

My cousins decided, long before my arrival, that we would be going to Cork and then to Blarney the day after I arrived. They, of course, asked if I wanted to go, knowing I really didn’t have the option, I said yes.

Walking through the shops of Cork, I kept seeing American paraphernalia, for example in a store called TopShop there was a sweater sporting the NASA logo. I guess TopShop didn’t get the memo NASA wasn’t really in business anymore… But they are making a profit off of it, because three girls squealed over it while I was there.

The other fun thing about being in Cork was the fact I am a red head without an accent. Every time I spoke people would turn their heads to see who the American is, and they never guessed it was me. It became a game very quickly. One I made the rules too, and won every time. Now, this could have all been in my head, but it is more fun to think I am the light in people’s lives. Because let’s face it, I’m pretty great, and modest too.

Anyways, the important part of this trip, the true adventure, climbing all the stairs to get to the top of Blarney Castle, and kissing a really really really really old rock that millions of other people have kissed (yum). It was actually kind of fun, look past all the snarky comments and see the sincerity, it was some damn good crack. But, the best part wasn’t kissing the old rock, but wondering the grounds and taking pictures for my dear mother. If you don’t know my mother, you should. She i20160602_171622s great, but one thing she is know for is always taking pictures, just like her mother b
efore her, therefore my cousins and I had to take enough pictures to please her, and then some.

The picture beside is  The Tree. This tree was just a butt to get into. You think it would be easy, but no it is super slippery and none of our shoes had any grip. The next day we were all a little sore, a personally had a bruise, but it was worth it.

Then there was ice cream, food, another pub stop and that was day two.

The Start.

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly”


If you’re reading this then you know three things. One, that my name is Kathryn. Two, that this blog was requested (or forced) by the Queen of Social Media, Lisa Doyle. Three, I am in Dublin, Ireland working at the Guinness Enterprise Center as an intern for the for the Summer of 2016.

Please keep all hands and feet inside the car as this is going to be a bumpy ride, and here we go.

Getting to Ireland was pretty simple, if you count two connecting flights, an old man sleeping on your shoulder and not being able to sleep on any flight simple. Oh, but when the sun was rising I was just passing over the outskirts of Ireland, and let me tell you, the view out the window was breathtaking. I would take the screaming babies, the lack of sleep and the 8 hour flight for that view.

So, I made it to the ground, but I now I have to go through customs. Now I lived in Moscow, Russia for two year of my developing life, so when I think customs I think angry Russian men yelling at me for having a smiling passport of not standing correctly. I remember having to redue my paperwork, not once, but at least three times, Ireland is nothing like this. The line moved faster than children running to the Ice Cream man during the summer. When I got to the front of the line, the man saw I was from Texas and told me he had been practicing his southern accent (it was horrible). I laughed. He stamped my passport. I moved on. I was in and out within 10 minutes. It was a shocking experience.

Anyways, I made it! I was now on the beautiful soil of my roots, where my ginger brotherin live. I start walking out into the air, and complete miss the fact I am walking pass my aunt trying to talk to me…. I might have been slightly sleep deprived, it was 7am, and I haven’t slept. It’s fine. Plus side, there was a group of UT people there, with a flag and everything (I felt really welcomed).

Then I slept till 2pm. Went to the pub, and that’s day 1.