Now, Explore.

Day two.

Kathryn wake up and get in a car for two hours after sitting in a plane for 12. Please and Thank you.

My cousins decided, long before my arrival, that we would be going to Cork and then to Blarney the day after I arrived. They, of course, asked if I wanted to go, knowing I really didn’t have the option, I said yes.

Walking through the shops of Cork, I kept seeing American paraphernalia, for example in a store called TopShop there was a sweater sporting the NASA logo. I guess TopShop didn’t get the memo NASA wasn’t really in business anymore… But they are making a profit off of it, because three girls squealed over it while I was there.

The other fun thing about being in Cork was the fact I am a red head without an accent. Every time I spoke people would turn their heads to see who the American is, and they never guessed it was me. It became a game very quickly. One I made the rules too, and won every time. Now, this could have all been in my head, but it is more fun to think I am the light in people’s lives. Because let’s face it, I’m pretty great, and modest too.

Anyways, the important part of this trip, the true adventure, climbing all the stairs to get to the top of Blarney Castle, and kissing a really really really really old rock that millions of other people have kissed (yum). It was actually kind of fun, look past all the snarky comments and see the sincerity, it was some damn good crack. But, the best part wasn’t kissing the old rock, but wondering the grounds and taking pictures for my dear mother. If you don’t know my mother, you should. She i20160602_171622s great, but one thing she is know for is always taking pictures, just like her mother b
efore her, therefore my cousins and I had to take enough pictures to please her, and then some.

The picture beside is  The Tree. This tree was just a butt to get into. You think it would be easy, but no it is super slippery and none of our shoes had any grip. The next day we were all a little sore, a personally had a bruise, but it was worth it.

Then there was ice cream, food, another pub stop and that was day two.


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