The First Week.

“Welcome to the GEC on Friday we are having our annual Summer BBQ”

I started work on Tuesday, which I really don’t remember. Wednesday was better and by Friday I was manning the main reception desk solo as everyone was setting up for the BBQ.

20160610_170001Now, for everyone in the south, your must be thinking “Ha, like the Irish can BBQ.” They can. There was a grill, photo booth, and enough beer to make them happy, and then some. But, me I had a job during the BBQ, to take pictures. Yep, send the person who knows no one around with a camera, GREAT IDEA! I felt like an octopus with only seven arms. But I had learned for the best, my mother, for she was the queen of pictures on vacation. Taking pictures of this and that, being able to convince anyone to smile at a seconds notice. All I had to do was act like I knew what I was doing, which I didn’t.

I started walking around taking pictures of people I had never met and random objects. I tried to get ‘artsy’ pictures, that turned out terrible. I walked up to people and said,  “Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m going to take a picture of you” (which just made thing awkward). I started just telling people it was for Lisa, the social media queen of the GEC, then people rolled their eyes and smiled., because they knew if they didn’t she would find them…and that isn’t good.

Then at some point, Lisa, Linda, and Vicky told me to stop taking pictures and have fun. It was a party and at parties you don’t work. I was then handed a a Teelings Whiskey drink and started actually meeting the people I took pictures of.

Things I learned that night: working at the GEC was going to be fun, and keeping up with the Irish is difficult and takes practice.



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