The G.E.C.

“What do you do?  ” What is the GEC?” “What is your job really?” “But you actually just copy papers all day, right?”

Let me clarify. I work at the Guinness Enterprise Centre. I do not work for Guinness. I do not get free Guinness. I do work hard. I do communicate with humans at 9 am (which has made me a fake morning person). I do not copy papers mindlessly, unless the main printer breaks. I do not sit in the back on Facebook staring at the clock because I am bored. I do not always have an easy job.

I work the main reception desk for the GEC Monday through Thursday. I am the first face people see when they walk into the building and the last they see when they leave. The only bad thing about this is if there is a shooter, I would die first, happy days. I collect the post for all of the companies that function through the GEC. I answer the phone for these companies and direct the call further.

Before you thing it isn’t to difficult, some of the companies are based in different countries and different places around Dublin. The people in the build are from all over the world, which means accents from all over, another reason why I don’t really remember my first day. When you pick up the phone the person on the other end could be an Englishman, another Irishmen or maybe someone from Italy, and just think how shocked they are to hear an American on the other end. The worst thing about talking to multiple people is forgetting I have an accent too. It doesn’t stick out too bad, except when I’m alone and feel I need an accent to fit in. Or when I drop a ‘yall’ or ‘fixin’ or anything extremely southern.

The only time I felt I didn’t belong here was the first week, but this was mainly my fault. I played the ‘I’m new and awkward, HELP!’ card which helped no one. I quickly realized that this place wasn’t taken out of of horror film, it was just a few hundred people living out their dreams. After I got over the initial shock The GEC became a home, yes I did just get cheesy. I happen to like cheese, it taste good. Anyways, I felt coming in at 9 am wasn’t horrible because the people I work with didn’t suck, they were funny, they understood me, and they hated aspects of working that I did. Linda hates when humans want her attention. Lisa gets my sass. Vicky laughs at my jokes, which boosts my ego. I found a great home, and with time ticking away it will be hard to leave.




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