The Lone Traveler

Time to Exploring, solo style.


(The following is to the Tune of Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA)



                    I hopped on the train at Connolly
With my ticket and my cardigan
Welcome to the rails leading to the north (whoa)
                            That’s a lot of ocean


                           Jumped on the bus
                  Here I am in Northern Ireland
     Look to my right to see a castle and Scotland
                          This is all so crazy
             Everything looks so AMAZING!
We go to lunch at Bushmills distillery,
which makes this Texas Girl happy
That’s when the bus turns due north
and were Giants Causeway bound,
and were Giants Cause
way bound,
and were Giants Causeway bound!
                             So I’m exploring
                                On my own
                         In Northern Ireland
              Nodding my head like yeahhh
                     Takin picture like mad
                           I’m hanging off
                     the edge of mountains
              I know I’m going to be okay
              yeah, it’s a party in Ireland
              yeah, It’s a party in Ireland!



Okay, I think I got that out of my system. Questions?





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