I’m not a millionaire, unfortunately, therefore stay-cation are a must.

Exploration is an art. The art of getting lost and finding random monuments and museums and then not eating anything until 4:45 pm. This is an art reserved for only a select few, luckily, I am included in this select few.

The difficulty that comes with a stay-cation is the motivation of getting out of your bed. This is a condition I have struggled with my whole life, therefore I was prepared for it. The key is to plan where you are going before you go to bed, therefore your motivation has time to marinate, like chicken. My motivation was the Dublin Zoo. Yes, I am aware that zoos exist almost everywhere, most of them look the same, but I love zoos. Plus this one has the most beautiful, wonderful, majestic animal in the world, the hippo!

I have a deep connection with the Hippo, it is my soul animal. (if you want more info, we’ll talk)

Anyways, I walked a few miles to Phoenix Park to the Dublin Zoo and prayed that it wouldn’t rain the whole way. As soon as I got to the Park, the heavens decided they held off long enough and the rain started, yum. But the rain didn’t stop my stay-cation for I am a Victory.  I entered the Zoo and then realized how creepy I looked. “Hello parents of little children, don’t mind me, I’m just a 20 year old here at the zoo by myself. Nothing to see here.” It also didn’t help that for a while I had ice cream… For thought really is 20/20.

20160625_134813But, I love the zoo and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from seeing every inch of the Dublin Zoo. However I did conclude that the Houston Zoo is better. This decision my be influenced by the fact that I love Texas, or by my love for the Houston Zoo, or the fact the the lay out of the Houston Zoo is SIGNIFICANTLY better. You decide.

After the zoo I started the real adventure, for the stay-cation became the where-am-I-20160625_134415how-do-I-get-back-cation. Phoenix Park is MASSIVE. You can’t see from one end to the other. To put this in preservative, the park has a zoo in it and still have space for a lake and at least 2 monuments. By the time I found my way to the street I focused on “makin’ my way downtown, walking fast, faces past” but I wasn’t home bound, I was museum bound, FREE museum bound.

After that, there was food, people watching and a pub. All in a days work.


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