The Miss List.

This list is in no order, just random thoughts put in list form.

I miss my car.

I miss my bed.

I miss country music.

I miss my family.

I miss Chick fil a.

I miss Tex-Mex down every street.

I miss BlueBell.

I miss HEB.

I miss speed limits in mph and zooming down the street.

I miss Fahrenheit.

I miss ADPi.

I miss the sun.

I miss sweating in the Texas heat.

but though I miss my home…

I’ll miss the GEC.

I’ll miss the rain.

I’ll miss my adventures.

I’ll miss not sweating all the time.

I’ll miss not stressing if I have a sunburn.

I’ll miss my new friends.

I’ll miss the home I’ve made here.

I’ll miss the drinking age.

I’ll miss Ireland.

*friends were excluded for the list but you were missed too

Things may be added to this list later…


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