Airplane Etiquette

Warning: This is a little bit of a rant.

*Please read this as though you are a flight attendant dealing with an annoying passenger.

Dear people on planes,

If you are traveling on an airplane PLEASE be respectful of the people around you, for the space around you is quite small, it is enclosed and for a few hours/minutes, there is no escape. Now that I made you feel claustrophobic…There are away from 32-56 rows on your average 737 airline and 6 to 9 seats smashed across to form a row, so the airline can get the most bang for their buck. What does this mean for you, I’m glad you asked. This means please do not sneeze on me, lay your head on my shoulder, or constantly kick the back of my chair. Do not ask to use the space near my feet for your bag, you should have planned better. Do not tell me I’m in the wrong seat when you ticket clearly says aisle and you just don’t want to sit there. And if I do have the window seat and want my window open because it is pretty outside, do not ask me to close it (unless you’re afraid of heights than so sorry).20160725_081235

Now if you are traveling with a small child. First, God bless you. Second, please, for heaven
sake, don’t let them yell, “WE ARE GOING TO CRASH!” while the plane is descending, it freaks people out. Seriously. It isn’t funny and you laughing and is just encouraging them to keep yelling. If they have toys, do not let them throw them, it will hit someone in the head, chances are it will be me. If it is me I will smile nicely and the rest of the flight call you mean names in my head. If you have a baby, again God bless you. But find a way to keep them from crying in the very tight space that is the cabin. Because 200 or so passengers and flight attendance really don’t want to hear the child, but we will smile and tell you how adorable your baby is just like society has taught us to do.

Airplanes can be magical places, for every time one takes off man achieves flight, something we can’t do on our own. But every time there is an annoying passenger the flight loses its spark. Please learn airplane etiquette for your next flight and treat everyone around you like they are freaking royalty because they just might right a blog about you.





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