The One with Mal.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Mal. Mal is my friend, old roommate, and sorority sister. She is also the only person from back home who came to see me in Dublin. Some may say she is the only true friend I have, others may say she was already in Europe and just stopped here on her way home. You decide.


Now the following may shock you, so please keep all hands and feel inside the ride at all times, for this is going to be a wide ride.

We start our weekend at the pub, for all Irish adventures should start at a pub. The night was full of music, a few pints, stories, and of course Euros 2016. Given that this was Thursday night, and I’m in Dublin to work, ugh, I had to call it an early night. Damn you work, but don’t worry when I say early I really mean midnight plus (the time is a little blurry).


20160701_161855As promised the story gets better! The next day we broke into the Guinness Store House for FREEE! Yeah, we are basically bad asses. It’s no big deal. Hold your applause, please. I’ll explain, I work for The GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre), so I flashed my intern bag and walked right in. The Downside, we didn’t get the one free Guinness, but we did get to pour our own for 5 euros! Fun fact some bartenders don’t do it right, or probably just don’t care. After that the day become: Pub, Food, Euros. Drinks. Goodnight.




But just wait there’s more, (I feel like an infomercial) We had, ADVENTURE DAY! What is better than sitting on a cold boat while it rains? Sitting in a warm bus. Ha.

One of the companies at The GEC does day tours and adventurous tours and such (shout of to Extreme Ireland), so Mal and I jumped on a bus with a bunch of random strangers and went to see Connemara. Basically, a lot of hills, colored sheep, and lots of history. The sheep are the best part though.20160702_130702

After the day of sitting, we decided to do a day of accidental walking. I mean who doesn’t love a 10 mile walk out to a 1k walk to a lighthouse? I know I sure do, because by the time you reach the lighthouse all you want is a nap, until you realize you have to go back. Luckily Mal and I met a lovely off Duty Cab Driver and his son who drove us back into town, or we would have just set up camp out there.





Then Mal left for America. The End. Please exit the car to your left.


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