so, i’m back.

36 hours.

I had 36 hours from the second I got off the plane to the time I needed to be in Austin. Let me tell you, it isn’t enough time, but somehow it was done.

After two delayed flights and one rebooking, thank you for nothing United, I made it to Houston. I was hangry, tired and had to go find my luggage in the “lost and found,” I hate United. Trying to find my luggage was basically looking for a needle in a haystack, because everyone and their brother has a black bag, I knew I should have bough the highlighter yellow bag (jokes). After located my beautiful luggage, I learned my dear mother, Man I love her, was at the wrong terminal.  This day was just getting better, but it actually was.

When my mom and I were reunited she said the best 2 words I had every heard. “so, Chick-fil-a?” I almost wept.

The other 30ish hours weren’t nearly as excited.


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