Growing up you dream of the future. You dream about what is coming, where you’re going,
and what your job will be. Screenshot_20160528-214310But, in the mist of your dream you forgot that you’re aging and getting closer and closer to having to have life questions figured out. Then one day you wake up and realize you are grown, but don’t have the answers.

well shit.

People tell you “the world is your oyster.” “you will be great at whatever you do.” “we’ll see you do something great one day.” People, that is great and all, but you should give me a hit at what you think I’m going to do. I am a smart cookie, but a mind reader, I am not.

Maybe I’ll just write a blog for a living. Is that a thing? I’ll be a little over qualified, but I’m okay with that. You know what, I’ll start working on my 1st novel now so it can become a best reader while I’m sill in college.
mid-college crisis averted.


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