i’m a sorority girl

so you saw our door stack, now who are we really.

Take away the Greek Letters, the houses, and the giant t-shirts, because we are just a bunch of girls trying to get by. We don’t go out every night and loose our shoes, for shoes are important. We don’t spend money without thinking, in fact most of us have scholarships in order to help with the cost of school, and loans for everyday life. We don’t
think education in a joke. We definitely don’t all look, think, or act like each other.

We do stand by each other night and day. We do come when we are needed, and stay no matter. We do have friends outside our sorority.  We do work hard for what we have. We do spend countless hours supporting philanthropies we truly believe in. We do maintain GPAs above the campus average, while also holding officer positions in multiple organizations. We do a lot more than you’d think.


Sorority life isn’t what you see in the movies. It isn’t terrifying. I promise you, it isn’t what you think.

If you have questions, just ask, don’t assume.



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