My heart hurts. Not because of who won or who lost. It hurts because of the cruelty all around me. It hurts because people are attacking each other, yelling at each other, and calling off friendships. It hurts because people are losing their humanity.

As the votes streamed in, words began to fly across rooms. Targets were placed on individuals with different views. Dagger eyes stabbed each other. Hearts were forgotten, and it it’s place, pain and anger. Tonight I witness bullying because people exercised their right to vote. I witnessed tears for the lost of their candidate.  I witnessed hate.

The past year has not been “fun,” it has been hard, but it is over. If you voted, you did you part. If you didn’t that is fine too. If you feel abandoned, don’t spit hate at others, talk about. If you want change, make it. America is build on the back of individuals who wanted change and sought it. So go seek. Don’t lie in your bed, or couch and wish for change because faeries and genies don’t exist.

Trump will be President, Hilary will not. This is a fact. You can like it. You can hate it. It doesn’t change.

Tomorrow you are still you. You have to deal with the mess you make. You have to support America, because this is your home. You have to remember to breathe. If you need to cry, do it, but don’t make others cry.

Tomorrow will be hard, but it will be okay.


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