Texas Football

snapchat-3239327023765481626This is the time for cheering, fights, and most of all WAY to much burnt orange.

Football season pushes the Fall semester along. It keep it going because you know at the end of the week the entire school will come together to fight whatever team wants a challenge.

Now, UT isn’t the best at football. But we love it. We support it. No matter what time, we are there. We aren’t there for the game necessarily, we are there to build up the egos of our football team. We are there for the beer. We are there for the free food. We are there because it is the southern thing to do.

This is one of the only times the entire school comes together. It is a time when you see people you don’t want to see. It is a time you sometimes don’t remember… But, it is great.

Please know this is AMERICAN football. This is not soccer, no one really likes soccer. But here, everyone loves football.



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