getting there.

She walked into her house and before she could greet her roommate, she collapsed to the ground. Her head collided with the floor making a heart crushing sound. The world moved around her solitary body, as sounds increased around her. Cassie and others pulled towards her like gravity. They were chirping her name trying to wake her from her slumber, but nothing helped.

As the ambulance arrived panic had only increased. The adrenalin in the room increased as her limp body was lifted off the floor. For a strong person, she had never seemed so frail. In the 10-mile drive from her house to the hospital her heart stopped twice. Someone that young, that healthy, that vibrate shouldn’t stop beating.

The doors to the E.R ripped open to doctors ready to receive her quiet body. She heard them. The sound of medical terms, medical facts, and medicine being pupped in her, but nothing would pass her lips. They were still, holding tight to her teeth. The world was moving so quickly they had missed her eyes open, they had missed her grasping for someone’s hand, they have missed her.


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